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I wanted to reach out to let you know that our Kooiker alumn, Frannie Sue (4/25/2019 litter- Jasmine) just passed her certification to become a therapy dog through Love on a Leash. She will be participating in 1-2 visits monthly and will attend school with me (elementary special education) one day per week as the therapy dog at Rockbrook Elementary School in Omaha. We are so proud of her!! We thought we would share since this speaks to the excellent temperament of your dogs.  We are pretty proud- she’s the only mini dachshund in our LOAL chapter ands people MELT when she walks in the room! 


Cramer-Brink Family

Scout and Maddox. These two are half brothers. Bo is their dad. Scout will be two October 4th he came home with us In December of 2021 with the name Winter. Maddox came home with us in October 2022 and he turned one July 24th. We love our Kooiker Bichon Boys. 


Van Egdom Family


This is Harley. He lives in Sun Prairie, WI

"Harley came into our family in April 2005 after having to put our english bulldog down. He has brought such love and joy to our lives. He's always ready to greet you at the door and loves to give kisses and cuddle at night. That's not to say he can't find some mischief in finding a kleenex on the bathroom floor by the garbage and shredding it all over the house, but nothing we can't handle cleaning up. We love him so much that we've decided to add another one to our family, a female named Lucy. We looked at other breeders closer to our home in Sun Prairie, WI but none were like Bev & Mike. They've taken the time to talk to us on the phone and send pictures by e-mails and answer any questions we've had about adding to our family. Even the driving 6 hours is worth it! Thanks for bringing these guys into our lives."

Jessie, Don and Taylor

This is our 3 year old Mazie from Kooiker's Pets. She is so smart and knows exactly what we are talking about. Loves walks, kids, playing fetch and laying on my head. Funny girl. Don’t know what we would do without her. I love her long eyelashes!


Ostlund Family

(Mazie is a shichon)

This is Grace & Maddie. They both live in Sioux Falls, SD

" Grace joined our family as a puppy in June 2004. We love her so much. She loves to cuddle, play and sit in front of the picture window in her chair and guard the house. When we go for a walk she walks down the sidewalk like a little lady. She gives lots of kisses and is always there to pick up our spirits. Grace is such a perfect puppy that we had to have another, so Maddie became a part of ourfamily in Jan 2006. She is a keeper. Sheis always happy and ready to play. She is very attached to us and gets excited to see us whether we have been gone for 5 min or 5 hours. When she goes for a walk she sniffs everything and jumps at bugs and leaves. How quickly she has become an important member of our family. We cannot say enough about what wonderful breeders the Kooiker's are. Their puppies are definitely family raised and are ready to be a part of their own family! They melt the hearts of adults and kids alike."

Pat, Judy, Lucas, Jess, Sarah, Grace & Maddie

Our Shichon named Charlie is 3 years old. He loves cuddles, walks and playing fetch. He adores his Mommy and hates being alone (stage 5 clinger). We just love him so much and couldn't image life without our fluffy fur ball. 


Remington Family

This is our Harry (birth name CJ) , who will turn 5 years old this summer. We love him so much!! Full of mischief and personality, but also a cuddly bear. Loves to play fetch, tug, and take walks. He is a sock thief and also pretty quick to destroy any squeaker from his toy. His smile never fails to melts my heart!

Taylor Family

(Harry is a shichon)



Hi Bev!  


Wanted to thank you again for bringing sweet Benny into our lives.  We are currently celebrating his first birthday in the big apple!  We love our little man so much.  Wanted to share a picture of him celebrating today :)

Love and puppy kisses,


Benny, Maureen, and Dan

(Benny is a Bichon Frise)

Here is Smokey Jo, birth name was Nicholas. Smokey will be 3 years old in just a few months. Smokey lights up our lives, he is such a character. At times Smokey is called the green eye monster as he want 100% of the attention 100% of the time. We have had many pups in our lives, smoke ranks #1 for personality, attitude and demeanor. Thank you Kooiker's Pets for the time you put into your pups.


Rickey Family

(Smokey is a shichon)

This is an amazing family to work with!! My miniature dachshund is the sweetest and most energetic pup! She is super healthy and makes for a great BFF! I cannot thank this family enough for the awesome job they did with my pup! And for explaining everything about her (as this is a new breed for me). They are awesome to their customers and pups! Definitely recommend!


Rosenmeyer Family

This is Harley!! She’s about to turn 6 and she is the most amazing dog! Our friends have her brother from the same litter and he is perfect too! Best dogs ever!!!


Dillion Family

(Harly is a shichon)

I can’t say enough positive things about Kooiker Pets.  This is Sheldon, 2 year old bichon frise.  He is the perfect addition to our family. We don’t have any kiddos, but the interaction they give when in their care, Sheldon loves all our nieces and nephews some very young.


Reimers Family

This is Zoey. She lives in Boyden, IA

"I purchased Zoey from Mike & Bev Kooiker on Nov 10, 2001. 9/11 was still fresh in my mind, and I was looking for something to brighten my life. I found it in a tiny bundle of fur that barely fit in the palms of my hands. You could tell she was on the path to being extremely spoiled by the Kooiker's, and I have since completed that goal! Zoey has grown into a dachshund with a sweet personality and a gentle nature. She loves to play fetch. and do her tricks for Cheerios. She has been a complete joy to me, and is my best friend. Thanks to the Kooiker's for allowing her to become a part of my family!"



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